Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Friday

Here are our cats Norman and Barney-they don't get caught doing this very often.
I've not been doing a whole lot today. Tomorrow I have a bunch of people coming over to the house for a little party, so I have to clean stuff when I get home.
As it has gotten quite cold here in Minnesota and around the rest of the country I thought you might enjoy a photo of summer weather. This was taken at a Father's Day picnic my husband and I had at our house for both of our dads.
Beauty with the nieces and nephews on the fence

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Anonymous said...

hi elisabeth - thanks for stopping by my blog :) i don't know how you endured working at a boys' detention center--i probably would have wimped out on the first day.

i used to work as a field engineer for medtronic, and traveling up to minnesota in the winter was one of my least favorite things about that job. stay warm!