Monday, January 15, 2007


In order to distract you from the fact that I didn't do any knitting this weekend, I am giving you a beautiful picture of my husband and me in Rocky Mountain National Park this past summer!
I am tired out and I ache.
My weekend including not a stitch of knitting time (pun intended) and now I am sore. It's my husband's birthday today and Saturday was his dad's birthday, so we had a birthday party at our house last night.
So, earlier in the week (or earlier in the month) Dan decided that we should really fix up our basement-nasty old boxes of junk sitting in the corners, cardboard boxes on a bed and you name it. It has all been sitting like this for about three years. Plus, he does leatherworking and the area where he has had his bench is right next to the furnace and is a too cramped.

Some of Dan's leatherwork (spur straps he made for his brother)
So . . . we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Saturday, after I got home from work, we sorted through boxes, threw things away, and organized everything. Oh My. I scrubbed the walls and the floor. It was yucky and spider-y. Anyway, we were done about 1 am and we were tired.
On Sunday, after church we got home (still things to clean up a bit in the basement) and had to make sure the rest of the house was clean and baby-proofed. (Dan's sister has five-going on six kids ranging in age from 1 to 10). So we were home about 12:45 and everyone was coming at 6:30. It all got done and things went well-plus five loads of laundry, but boy I am tired. The kids loved running around in the basement and now are all asking about when they can come have a sleep over.

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