Friday, January 19, 2007

Pictures that have nothing to do with the Post

(a gallery pic)
Last night we had our monthly meeting of knitters at the local coffee shop, Latté Da. The coffee shop is owned by sisters-Diana, Sandy, and Judy-who enjoy knitting. We don't have any yarn stores really close by, so this is where we go for knitting. (We have a Ben Franklin about ten minutes from our town that has a nice selection of standard yarns and then there is a JoAnn Fabrics about 20 minutes away, but the closest full yarn store is 45 minutes away)
I worked more on my lilac ruffled hat, but it looks about the same as it did last week. Scroll down to check it out if you like. It has a few more rows and is close to being finished, but from most people's perspective-its the same.

(two of my drawings)
The wool I got from our local spinner (which is sold at the coffee shop) is still in ball form. I am trying to figure out exactly what kind of mittens to make with it. Isela asked if I was going to make Eunny's Anemoi mittens from it, but I'm not sure I would be able to figure out gauge very well. The yarn is pretty thick. I love those mittens, though. My eye looks at those mittens longingly wishing for a pair of my own. My other thought on the pattern I would use is making one up based off of other things I have seen. Maybe using the brown to make fair isle snowflakes, or something like that. Maybe I could even make a felted mitten with a snowflake pattern in it. There is soooooo much to think about sometimes.
Okay, I believe that I just put in my first links ever with this post-I'm pumped ;0)

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