Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Elizabeth Zimmermann and Israel!

Okay, I just realized in the other day's post I spelled Elizabeth Zimmermann's name wrong. I'm sorry-I often write without any reference information in front of me. Well, anyway, I am definitely going to make make the bi-color Norwegian mittens from her book the Knitter's Almanac.
Of course, now that I think about it maybe I should convert the mitten to a little bit more of a Swedish pattern because I don't have any Norwegian blood in me. Maybe I could use a Swedish Horse Motif or something like that. Hmmm .... Just when you think I have it all figured out I decide to throw a wrench into the middle of it all. Well, that's just the way life works.
I haven't done any knitting since my last post. Monday evening I had my guitar lesson and didn't feel like doing anything after it and last night I had a church council meeting and didn't feel like doing anything constructive after it either. I just looked through the Almanac to get ideas.
During this past week, I have been trying to get a trip together for my husband and myself to go on at the end of March. I am excited to say that the last week of March we are going on a tour of Israel. Our airline tickets are bought, the payments are all in, and our passports should be here in a couple weeks.
My husband's boss gave him a big bonus to go on a trip to wherever we want to go because Dan has been working at his job for 10 years this year and is also a very good employee. (It's a small business with about 5 employees, so this isn't something that has ever happened before)
Sorry about no pictures this post. I promise I'll do better, at some point :0)

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