Friday, January 26, 2007

Hanging out in the Window

Well, my little teeny-tiny sweaters were hanging out in the front window
today catching a few rays.

You all know that I live in Minnesota, right? And of course you believe that Minnesota is a vast and frozen wasteland where it is never warm ever-including summer and all that.(which truly is not that case we get our share of 90-100 degree days with plenty of humidity to go around as well) Okay, so today, JANUARY 26TH!!!, it was nearly 40 degrees outside. What little snow we have gotten this year is nearly gone. Get this though-tomorrow and the rest of this weekend it will be down to 0 at different times of the day. I've lived here all of my life-I'm used to wild swings in temperature, but we've been on a roller coaster this year. Let me tell you-I like snow-I like to ski-I like being forced to stay at home because the weather is too dangerous to be outside on occasion. 0 degrees is not conducive to snow and neither is 40, but somewhere in the middle works great for snow. (I'm not a meteorologist (I'm sure I am boring you, so go ahead and just look at the pictures while I finish this mini rant), but I believe that when temperatures get really low the moisture is sucked out of the air, so that no precipitation can come down even if there was a giant snow storm coming overhead it would skip us and move itself below us or around us or whatever. Then, obviously, when temperatures are above freezing-it doesn't snow.)

I still must say that today was a beautiful day with the sun shining and warm-so the teeny-tiny sweaters got a big kick out of hanging out in the window!

And with their friend the headless/toga clothed lady. She has a very sad story. She's not really supposed to be headless (come think of it the Greek and Roman sculptures really aren't supposed to be headless either-and she's based off of one of them-they had very similar things happen to them to make them headless as a matter of fact-hmmm) This young lady used to spend her days outside the gallery in the great out of doors. (In the winter she was given a nice warm hat and scarf) Sadly, one day this past summer young vandals came in the middle of the night and broke off her head. They did much other damage around town that same night and have since been caught and convicted. We can at least be thankful that they didn't throw her head through anyone's window :0)
Have a good weekend everyone!

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