Friday, June 15, 2007

Eye ummmm . . . . not Camel . . . . Friday!?

Well, the camel is here, but there isn't a digital camera (it's gone camping). The camel will be camping tomorrow, but the digital camera already left. Anyway-this means there there is not a camel picture.

So, in lieu of a camel we will resort to some other really nice looking pictures!!!! Yippeeee!

Glacial Lakes State Park near Starbuck, MN. If you enjoy riding horse or going for pleasant hikes, this is a great place to do all that stuff. (I imagine there is a lake (being as it is called "Glacial Lakes") for swimming here, too, but we have normally come here to do horse camping) It is nice and prairie like with rolling hills and prairie grass (and pocket gophers).

Our old Aermotor Windmill. It is one of my favorite things about our home.

In knitting news:
I have finished the back of my dad's vest, two pocket linings, and have started the left front.
I did not let the missing size 1 needles deter me-I am just about about done with the gussets of the sock and should be starting the heel within a bit for my Jaywalkers.

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