Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy Tuesday, to you all!

Hello, it's Tuesday and that's kinda fun, I guess.

We went camping this weekend down at Lake Louise State Park on the Minnesota/Iowa border and had a good old time. My parents, oldest brother and niece were there, too. We did some bike riding and some swimming and sat by the campfire.

This trip was my niece's first camping trip and she had a fairly good time (she was ready to leave by breakfast on Monday, though). If she didn't have to hang out with adults the whole time it probably would have been even better. At least there was a resident kitty at the campground that she made friends with and there were also a few other elementary aged girls that were there part of the weekend.

I have a couple little strips of sunburn on my shoulders (where my tank top slipped away from my sunscreen (does that even make sense?)), but other than that it was a nice weekend for Dan and I. My mom made all the food, so I had very little work to do-just play with my niece.

More on knitting stuff later-and maybe some pic's of the weekend. I have to get them off of the camera first!

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Anonymous said...

Your camping trip sounds like a success!

You know, I am not much into camping, it is still something that I have to work on. I don't mind it too much but I really, really hate sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor (even with an air mattress).
But, guess what I am doing on the 4th of July weekend..yep, I am going camping for 4 days! Eeeek? Will I survive? The great thing is that it is only about 30 minutes away from home so if I get really sick of it, I can come home at night :).