Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Sun is Shining and Things Are Getting Done!

Hey there, just thought I would let you know that I was able to go get some cool pictures this weekend and that some knitting has been done!


The Vest

The Sock

Now, for some fun pictures from Butternut Lake and my yard.

I went for a lovely walk on Saturday morning (between the rain showers) with Dakota and we had a fun time taking pictures along the way . . .

Rocks at the boat landing area

Dakota taking a little dip.

Along the edge of Butternut Lake we found a whole bunch of wild roses in bloom and I took a ton of pictures, but I'll just show you a couple (Do you like my new header by the way?)

I sure do like pretty little wild roses

I mentioned a while back (I think) that my mom and I had planted our garden (in my back yard). Everything is coming up well (including the teeny-tiny weeds that I need to till up when I get home tonight) and I am looking forward to fresh veggies this summer. (Oh, I had better get up the stakes for the peas or they're going to start vining onto nothing.)

Well, hope that update wasn't too boring-sometimes when I have nice pictures I can't figure out words that can truly describe things well, so I just will have to let the pictures speak for themselves.

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Nins said...

I love the colour of the vest- the type of wool reminds me of a Guernsey that I used to have. I might see if I can find it next time I am home.