Friday, June 29, 2007

So anyway, It is Eye Camel Friday (and it should be pretty fun!)

Oliver has gone looking for new friends (being as that I am not necessarily that best one available). He thought he would look for what kind of friend he would like by looking through some old family photo albums that are available for him to peruse while I am working at the gallery.

He thought that this little character would work. It's a little baby goat. Goats are pretty nice friends. I explained to him that goats are really smart. (he thought this was good because he could use a smart friend) I told him that they can be sneaky and get into all sorts of trouble (Oliver would like a friend that he could sneak around with-and he would really enjoy finding some trouble) Then I explained to him that goats like to eat pretty much anything. They are great for eating down thistles and weeds that other creatures don't like because of those teeny tiny little lips. (Oliver thought, "Hmm . . . alright-they're good eaters) I told him, "They also like flowers and trees (wood) and fence posts (wood) and gates (wood). "
(At this point Oliver started to get a little worried about making friends with a goat). I told Oliver about how one time our goats got out and decided to chew down two ornamental trees in front of the house - - which caused them to become permanently disfigured. (Oliver thought, "I don't want to be permanently disfigured. That doesn't sound like fun at all.")

Anyway, Oliver is still on the lookout for a new friend.

In other news, it's my birthday tomorrow and I am looking forward to it a lot. We are having a bonfire out in the pasture and inviting a few friends and family. (Now, to run home and get the house looking good, so I can rest tomorrow!)

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