Monday, June 25, 2007

I've been working in the (Garden) all the live long day

. . . . . I've been working in the Garden just to weed, weed away
Can't you hear the mosquitoes buzzing?
Rise up so early in the morn.
Don't you hear the husband calling?
"Put your bug spray on!"

Pardon the leg shots here, but I've got some little welts pestering me to no end. I suppose I should always wear shoes and socks, but golly I don't like to wear anything but sandals in the summer (well, I usually try to remain fully clothed as well ;o)

Last night I had to water the garden and the mosquitoes came out to bite me as I was spraying everything with the hose (our 2 year old pup chewed our sprinklers up last year-I just got a new one today at the hardware store in town)

This morning the mosquitoes weren't too bad, so my mom and I went up to the local berry farm (Dassel Hillside Farm on HWY 15-they always have great berries, but I think their season will be done this week because it has been warmer than normal around here) to pick berries at 7 am. We got a nice bunch of them and I'll need to clean mine when I get home.

(and in a rare Monday cameo appearance) Oliver is quite happy with them. I guess that they are his favorite. (We have quite a lot in common, I've come to find out)

Mmmmmm . . . . .Berries!!!!
(This is just a small fraction of what we got-4 ice cream pails this morning and I am hoping to get back there later this week for a couple more pails)

When I got home I decided to weed the peas out in the garden. They are staked up with some old cattle panels (thick wire mesh fence). Some of the edges of the fence are a bit sharp, so as I was getting done with weeding one row I decided it would be fun to see just how sharp they are by grazing my arm against it all.

I have a nice 3 inch or so scrap along my arm now. Ahhhh . . . the simple life!

Well, thankfully I am here at work now in air conditioned comfort. My husband is at home bailing hay. He's a good, good man. I think I'll try to get a strawberry pie made for him tonight. (I'll have some of it, too-even if I am lazy-bones compared to him!)

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