Friday, June 22, 2007

It really is Eye Camel Friday!

Oliver has been a little upset of late that I haven't been able to get around to taking pictures of him out and about. He has been trying to gain a few friends that are closer to his own size that can relate to him better. He found a couple friends on some notecards and was hoping that they could be able to go out on the town with him, but, since they are made of paper and scared of blowing away in the wind, they had to stay inside.

He is hoping that I can bring him somewhere really fun soon, but his hopes aren't very high. He didn't even get to come on the camping trip last weekend like I had promised. Poor, poor Oliver. He didn't get to learn to ride a bike or go swimming. :o(

He would also like to learn how to make some pink socks. (Camels love pink) Sadly his little legs are too stiff to work sock needles. Maybe Denise or Isela could put up a little loom knitting tutorial for wooden pack animals. (I mean there must be thousands of little wooden animal keychains out there just wishing they could knit.)

Hmmm . . .I have an idea Oliver is going to make me take a run to JoAnn's for an itty-bitty loom.


Anonymous said...

Poor Oliver...I am sure I can figure a tutorial out for him...maybe for a knitted little hat :). Or some booties for when the weather gets cold.

We missed you Oliver...and I was just thinking that you are much too lonely, you need some friends...maybe a little sheep :).

Sorka said...

hmmm a camel cozy? A nice little saddle? perhaps!